Work With Sophie

You want to work with me – Great!

I mainly work with small and medium sized businesses and their owners and it’s all about building a business relationship that enables me to motivate, educate and support you in your endeavours, including marketing, strategy, productivity, systems, organisation, automation and planning.

Some things we could work on together

    • Assessing your current branding and giving you ideas of how you can make effective changes that will enhance it
    • Creating strategies for social media, marketing, print and design, online and offline promotions and more
    • Work with you to nail down who your target clients are and how best to attract them
    • Guiding you through the process of setting some relevant goals and creating a strategy to achieve them
    • Training you with different aspects of promoting yourself online (ie blogging and social media)
    • Being a sounding board to discuss the different options for your business in terms of processes (ie databases, list building), website presence, promotion, branding, printing etc 
    • Helping you unravel your brain spaghetti and make sense of what’s going on in your head and your business
    • CRM ideas and implementation
    • Marketing plans and social media management 
    • Even setting up, in real time with you, some promotional items in Canva and showing you how you can make the most of it for your own marketing 
    • and so much more…

I also have a network of trusted colleagues that I work with to offer other services including photography, image consultancy, online marketing (SEO), marketing, copywriting – I can manage this work if wanted.

A little more about planners and journals…

I’ve worked with a number of clients to create some gorgeous and useful planners and journals for them. Whether you want to add a physical product to your retail suite, gift them to clients as part of a membership or course I can help. I’ve been selling my own since 2015 and have a lot of experience in this area.

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A little more about white label planners…

White label is taking something that is already ready to rock, adding your branding and unleashing it upon the world. A really cost effective way to get some great quality merch with your branding on. White label planners are available in a range of formats, including note books, diary planners and more.

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A little more about 121 Work…

We work together on what you need support, inspiration and motivation to do. This could be as 1 hour session, a full day or a bespoke arrangement. I can help you find clarity on your specific needs and wants for your business, whether it be as a supporter, guide, or even help manage the process with you.

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A little more about brand training and resources…

I’ve worked in branding and marketing for a number of years and I have a number of resources available on the Brand Kitchen website, including free stuff; downloads, blog posts and the podcast and both online and offline workshops covering a multitude of subjects to do with branding, marketing and business.

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A little more about design and print…

media8 is the design and print business that I launched back in 2003 and we can offer all elements of design and print for your business. From logo design through to full graphics for your online and offline promotional materials. We can also quote competitively on all print jobs including business cards, fliers, brochures, duplicate pads, notepads, posters, stickers and so much more.

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