No one knows everything. One of the joys of being human is the ability to learn lots from the day you’re born to the day you die. Now I’d like to think you are and expert in your business, but even experts in their field have space to learn more.

Networking meetings have such an array of people, personalities and knowledge and are a wonderful opportunity for both business and personal growth and development… if you choose to allow it.

You’re in a room with a group of people that know LOTS of things that you don’t, so be sure to be open to learning new things and receiving feedback and advice.

Of course, not all of it will be relevant to you but there is a high likelihood that if you open yourself up to listening and exploring what has been suggested that you will come across a gem, or even many gems, of information that will have a huge impact for you and/or your business.

I find when listening to others at meetings I gain a lot of insight for my own business. You never know when a nugget of advice given to another member of the group might just be worth its weight I gold for you, a client or colleague later on.

Learning is part of living and I know I try to learn every day. There’s lots to be learnt at networking meetings so go with an open mind and enjoy the process.

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