Positive attitude is essential at networking events and I would also say it’s essential in business too. When you have a ‘can do’ attitude then you will do well and be well liked.

I’ve said before that people like to be around others who lift them up. When you’re the sort of person that is solution focused and positive then you will be like a magnet at networking meetings.

We can’t help but want to feel good. It’s how we’re made and what makes us tick. Positive reinforcement works and if you are a force of positivity wherever you go then you will attract people who are positive too or who want to be inspired by you.

Just a small word of caution here to avoid the ‘energy vampires’ that you meet, as they can zap your time and good will, leave you feeling drained and will most likely not be satisfied with your efforts anyway (usually because they are not satisfied with themselves and so never will be with many other things). You don’t need to hang around with these people so get out and find some others who are firing on all cylinders and who inspire you.

Get involved in networking groups. If you get an opportunity to be part of the meeting then go for it! The more you give, generally speaking, the more you gain (obviously a strategy for this helps). In a networking scenario you’ll gain visibility, credibility and an opportunity to meet many people and be well known in the group. Approach this with a positive attitude and it can be a great boost to your business.

Positive attitude rocks. If you don’t have one yet then put on your awesome pants and go get one!

As always I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts on this so please join in the conversation below…