I’ve done a lot of networking over the years and have always found it to be very much a give and take environment, especially at those groups where you have regular attendance. Sometimes someone else needs help and sometimes I do. What’s nice to know is that the support network is there for you and for me the support I have received through my networking colleagues has, at times, outweighed any business benefits.

There will be times when your fellow networkers are in need of support or advice and that’s your time to step up to the plate and do your bit to help.

When we give without expecting anything in return a funny thing normally happens, you end up getting lots back; good feelings, friendship, respect and so much more.

Of course also, looking at it from a hard-nose business perspective you might also be able to demonstrate your prowess in your field of work which is a wonderful opportunity to gain referrals. Most people i know, who have been helped above the call of duty, shout the praises of the helper from the rooftops expecting nothing in return, only wanting to give back to the person that helped them.

So be a good Samaritan next time you have the opportunity and let me know what happened 🙂

One of the great extra benefits of networking is the friendships you make along the way and the support to be had when needed. If he not dipped your toe in the networking pool yet I urge you to do so, you just might find that it’s just what you’ve been missing!

As always I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts on this so please join in the conversation below…