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Interviewer:     So, I’ve got a book all written ready to go what do I do now?

Interviewee:     Okay, there are really three options for getting published.  The first option is you try and find a traditional publisher.  Some of the downsides with that are that you can end up losing creative control, if you’re building a brand name and want to cover to look completely different to your own brand so it’s not consistent and you could end up spending a long time actually just finding the publisher while your book is not out there.  The second option is you find there are lots and lots of publishing service companies now that will charge you a small fee but they help you to work out exactly how to get the book marketed and designed around your business if they’re good, you get the benefit of professional editing types editing cover design and the hassle taken off you but the big downside is you need to put some money up front great.  It’s great if you’re in business and you know what you’re going to use your book for.  The third option is you can do it all yourself and you can self-publish.  There are no barriers now to get a book published.  You could go straight to kindle tomorrow if you’ve got the manuscript.  I wouldn’t suggest doing that I still think you need creative skills, you need somebody to look at the cover you want help with the editing, you want help making sure you’ve got the professional product out there but you could if you theoretically if you’re entrepreneurial enough and you’ve got the time actually put all those pieces together and have complete control and all the royalties you’re your own book.

Interviewer:     Brilliant.