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Interviewer:    If you are doing coaching or you have an expertise in something that gives you the knowledge to be able to write a book, obviously you want to be able to give good value to people that are reading the book but there is a worry there that you’re going to put all of your knowledge into this book and then where are you going to go from there?  Because obviously a book is a great way to up-sell.  How do you know how much to put in the book, how much to not, is there really a risk that you do that and then all you’re going to get is £9.00 for your book, you’re not going to get then paying people to come and do your things that you’re doing?

Interviewee:     Yeah that’s an interesting point and so we’re actually working on a program called books bring business cause I really do believe a book will bring business and one great thing it does for you obviously it’s a low price point product, it allows you to start that relationship with potentially new customers, people that read the book can say I can do all this myself were never going to be customers anyway.  People who then say wow I really like this stuff, I’ve read this stuff and you’ve got their attention for the length of the book I mean that’s a good few hours you can’t buy that kind of attention.

Interviewer:     One-to-one.

Interviewee:     Yeah, one-to-one in their own mind with your thoughts and your ideas so it give you a way to own your space so if you are, if you got a particular niche or an area you specialise in actually having a book sets you up in business as saying “I own this intellectual property, this is me” but actually the book is never you, it’s just a representative.  People that want to work with coaches or therapists or any kind of person where there is an interaction of people involved that realise these are just your ideas and it’s never going to be the same as having the full experience with your help and your one-to-one work so I would never worry about not publishing everything.  In fact, the book that I actually bought from sales called ‘The Wealthy Author’ and I shared absolutely everything and people then they could do everything themselves and that was the whole point but they actually then thought well if he’s giving all this away what does he know that he’s selling?  So you can raise fees, a book can help you raise fees so I would see that…

Interviewer:     Almost has the reverse effect?

Sophie:     Yeah and it’s an unpaid, it’s actually, it’s better than an unpaid salesperson for your business cause you actually get paid when you sell a book as well so does start a proper relationship based on people that have read your content, see themselves as your customer…

Interviewee:     And trust you. They build trust don’t they within that time?

Interviewer:     Absolutely, you’ve got bags of time to build trust and credibility and it’s not going to be for everyone so you’re always going to find people that say right now I’ve got their blueprint to success I’m just going to do it myself.  They were never going to be customers, the people that read that and go right now I know this is the right person you’ll find you have much better relationship with them, you won’t be spending all your time trying to justify your credentials, that would be pretty insolvent on your business.

Interviewee:     Yeah absolutely, the best sort of customer.

Interviewer:     Absolutely.