Well this is a lovely short and simple blog post as, you’ll be pleased to hear, it’ super simple to get a nice short link to use for your web address.

You can use any of the following sites (or just google ‘shrink link’ and you’ll find even more!):

Tiny URL

A simple, free tool to create your own shrunk links. Simply paste your web URL into the box and click to shrink. Note that you can also personalise your short link too if you want to make it easier to remember – handy for links you want to use more than once.


This one you can just shrink your link using the top right box or you can register and then save your shortened links and organise them so you can find them later.

It also lets you count your clicks and share across platforms too. A handy little tool!

Google URL Shortener

Again, another freebie link shortener. This one is powered by Google and has a preview when you pop your link in the box and will track clicks. Nice and simple.

So, whether you want to just shrink one link to fit in a post easier or you want to have a catalogue of shortened links you’ll find the above websites helpful.

Enjoy! If you have any other suggestions of other link shrink sites you’d recommend or maybe some tips on using little links effectively please feel free to comment below.

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