It’s all too easy to get caught up in the design side of business when you’re getting your branding done and forget that one of the most important things is to make sure your branding is geared around getting your message across effectively.

This also applies to your social media offerings.

In order to be effective with your efforts online (and offline too) you need to know what message it is that you’re wanting to get across and of course, what you want your viewers to do once they’ve seen your post/picture/link etc – your ‘call to action’.

Taking a very quick look at Pinterest for example:

Pinterest is great for businesses that want to get their message across in a visual way and it’s definitely a place to be thinking outside the box when it comes to your posts.

  • What are your target clients interested in?
  • What are they currently ‘pinning‘?
  • What can you ‘pin’ that they will want to like and share?

Let’s take a holistic therapist for example…

So this therapist offers massage and crystal healing and so their clients will be interested in:

Relaxation, pain relief, healing, colours, crystals and so on.

So you could post:

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Pain relief exercises to do at home
  • Massage techniques to do on yourself (and/or others)
  • Meditation tips and ideas
  • Health and wellness pictures/articles
  • Posture pictures (for work and pleasure)
  • Manual handling posts
  • Posts about crystals
  • Posts about colour
  • Posts about healing
  • and so much more…

By regally adding relevant and informative pins/posts you are being interesting to your clients and they will want to like and share what you have said. They’ll also begin to see you as the place to go for anything to do with that specific subject and so you will be the first person/business on their mind when something comes up and the services you offer are required.

Of course be sure to include your relevant #hashtags and any call to actions that you can (i.e. here’s a great preventative posture for back pain, if your back pain is getting too much we can help – just get in touch at {insert web address here} – or something similar).

In a nutshell; work out what your message is and who wants/needs it (these are 2 very different things!) and then you can build your branding and your marketing strategy around that.

Once you’re clear in your message your customers and potential customers will be too.

Want help in working out what your message is, who your target market might be or how to build your own strategy? Get in touch as I would love to help.

f you found this valuable please share on your own social networks and I would love to hear your comments and questions about what I’ve discussed above so please do comment below…