Branding Explained

Branding is so much more than a logo. Branding is about the personality, ethics and outward look of the business. It’s about the team, the products, the services, the structure. It’s about having a united front on all levels of business and if you get it right it can really make a huge difference.

Branding doesn’t have to happen over night. In fact in most cases it’s an organic thing and grows over time as the business grows and develops. Much like a person, it can take time for you to figure out who you really are and what your goals are. Some companies have that’s throng identity from the word go, but more often than not its developed with time and experience.

Despite its importance, many businesses don’t even have branding on their radar and do not even consider how the business really comes across as they are too focused on making sales and keeping their head above the water. Business is time consuming and the old adage ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ comes to mind. However it’s not about your business being wrong, far from it, it’s making the business even better, that is the end goal for any branding process.

So what is branding?

The most common idea is that branding is a logo. This is just the beginning. Yes you need a logo and a ‘look and feel’ that expresses what your business is about but there is so much more to it. Think of the following things that are common in business:

Logo, business stationery, promotional leaflets, signage, exhibition materials, office fixtures and fittings, uniform, staff manuals, staff training, mission statements, email signatures, website, social media accounts, adverts, PR, networking… The list goes on.

Branding is pulling all of this together so it presents a united front and when it all works together it creates a defined identity, inside and out.

Branding is also the feeling you get, the emotional response for a particular company, product or service. When you think of the sheer amount of ‘stuff’ out there, how do you know what you can trust, or what you would like? That’s where branding comes into its own as you have a set of guidelines that you identify with that helps you filter through the ‘stuff’ to find something you feel comfortable with. This applies whether it’s a burger, a new handbag, a cleaning service, a new computer, a designer outfit and so on…

A brand helps you give your potential customers the sub conscious information they want and need to make using your business an easy choice for them.


What is the benefit of creating a strong brand identity?

When you as a business know who you are, truly know 100% the ins and outs of the identity of the business, then your customers notice, even if it is subconsciously. When you have a strong identity it makes it so much easier to build trust and credibility – the two key ingredients that money can’t buy.

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