You’ve got your YouTube account up and running and you’d like to have your logo showing as part of your ‘Channel Art‘ picture that appears at the top of your page. How do you go about getting it done?

Well, of course my first suggestion is to get a professional to produce a nice graphic for you. It won’t cost much, will require very little of your own time, thought and effort and will ensure that you have all the components where you want them and shows your business in the best light.

Failing that you can get creative yourself and there’s a number of great apps and programmes to help you with that these days. If you have Photoshop then that’s going to be your best bet. If you don’t then Adobe have some affordable options for the software now HERE.

If you don’t want to go down that route you could try Word or Pages or even Powerpoint or Publisher.

If you’re on a mac, try searching on the App Store for image editing software. A quick Google search comes up with some suggestions including the following review blogs that you might find useful for choosing software that suits you:

There are a few things that are worth bearing in mind to ensure that your Channel Art shows up on all screen sizes as you want it to and the image below shows all the specifications you need to take into account to ensure that you’re logo or text doesn’t get chopped out of the picture when it is scaled.


YouTube Channel Art


The main bit to take note of is the 1546px x 423px ‘text/logo safe area’ in the middle as this is the area that shows on all screens and so this is where you want your logo or important text to be situated. This should be in the centre of your full image, which is recommended to be 2560px wide by 1440px high. Easiest option is to put your logo or text in the centre and then you can pretty much guarantee it will show up – just be careful not to make it so big it has bits missing when it scales down.

If you would like to know the full details about how to format your Channel Art you can read them HERE.

You can check out our Holistic Directory YouTube account HERE.


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