Hurrah! We’re 30% there folks! Soooo thrilled that the pledges are still coming in.

This is where we are at the moment:

  • 127 backers 
  • £3,062 pledged of £10,000 goal 
  • 16 days to go

I’m excited to see the percentages going up but also on edge and have panicky moments because we have another 70% to go and only 16 days in which to do it.

I’m trying different avenues to get the message out and soooo many of you and others are being wonderful and sharing posts and telling their friends – which I am beyond grateful for!

It’s exciting to see some of the LadiesThatPlan Live London event tickets starting to come in too (they’re 3 of the reward options) – that event is going to be flippin’ AWESOME. I’m working on getting the final details sorted in the next few days so I can give more info for this. It will be a mix of speakers in the morning, workshops in the afternoon and networking and will be 200+ of us all getting together for an amazing, inspirational, motivation and fun day! 🙂

It’s also been super lovely to see a few people adjust their pledges to buy not just 1 but 2 or more notebooks (to gift to friends this xmas).

I’ve now begun to work through the different sections of the book explaining on Facebook Live how you can use them and will be uploading all those videos to YouTube over the coming days so you can access them later, when you’ve got your notebook, to get some inspiration 🙂

Today for me is more Kickstarter promo alongside sewing, ironing, sticking and writing my daughter’s name on a load of clothes and items, ready for starting college this coming Tuesday – happy days LOL (name taping is not my favourite past-time but it does mean we can catch up on some films and chat while we do it!) 😉

What have you got planned?  Whatever it is, I hope you’re having a great weekend and will post another update soon.

Thanks again for your heart-burstingly fabulous support

Love, Sophie x

p.s. I thought you might find it handy to have some pre-written posts that you can ‘swipe and deploy’ to share on your networks so have copied a few below and you can grab some photos from here: and if you want any more I’ve done some for you here:

  • There’s notebooks and then there’s this… ​ #stationery #planning
  • Want to track your goals but nowhere beautful to write them? Now there is: #stationery #planning
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  • #goalsetting sorted in this fab little #stationery #planning
  • #salesfunnel planning sorted in this fab little #stationery #planning
  • brainstorming sorted in this fab little #stationery #planning
  • Looking for a beautiful, practical notebook to help you run your business? This is it: #stationery #planning
  • I wanted a beautiful, practical notebook… and I found this! #stationery #planning
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