We all love having a bit of passion in our lives. Have a think for a moment about something that really gets your fires burning…

Maybe it’s a charitable cause that is close to your heart and you’re passionate about increasing awareness of the good work they do and supporting them by fundraising.

Perhaps it’s a political subject that gets your goat and you are passionate about getting changed, there’s so many to choose from on this subject!

It could be an artist, travel, reading, music, food… anything that you have strong feelings about and if I were to ask you a question about it you could wax lyrical for hours.

Now, let’s take a look at your own business.

What is it about your business that you’re most passionate about?

What do you care most about and that you know has the power to really help someone, make their lives easier or even transform something about their life or work?

It’s really important that the passion you have for your own product or service comes across to your clients and potential clients, because, how great would it be if they too felt as passionate about it as you do?

Can you imagine being in a business where your customers love your product so much that they would wear branded clothing with pride, they would tell all their friends how they MUST have it too.

A product who’s new release is so important to them that they are prepared to camp out for days to be the first to own. A product that the customer loves so much that even though they have it in one colour, they buy every colour just so they have them all. A product that a person loves so much that they would even tattoo its emblem on their body proudly, for the world to see.

There’s plenty of these about and to give you a few examples (click the names to view examples):

Band followers are fantastic examples of passionate brand ambassadors – how many times have you seen t-shirts or tattoos of these as logos or even portraits of band members:

Rolling Stones | ACDC | Beatles | Metallica | Guns n Roses | Elvis… the list goes on.

Then you have companies with a strong following:

Harley Davidson | Coca Cola | Chanel | Apple | Google | Porsche

You even get fans of these companies and bands setting up their own fan clubs and groups that meet regularly to discuss how great the business/brand/product is.

NOW we’re talking! I’m sure you’d love a business like that, we all would and the good news is that you have the power in your hands to make this a reality, if you just consider your brand and ensure that what you show and tell the world gives them something to be passionate about. None of those mentioned above started out with hoardes of fans, they built them up over time and through branding.

Whether you build sprockets, install curtains, sell lingerie or make cakes you can get people feeling passionate about your business and a big part of this is allowing them to connect emotionally with your brand and what your business or product is all about.

If your customers cannot clearly see what the story is behind your business or why they should be passionate about it then why would they be?

Look at Marmite – they built their entire advertising strategy around the fact that people either love it or hate it and now their campaign slogan has become part of how we speak, when we say things like “my product is a bit Marmite” – I’ve heard that and said it myself lots of times… heck, I’m even using it as an example here because I think it’s a great advert… oh and FYI, I’m in the love camp.

Harley Davidson is another great example of a brand that is giving it’s customers what they want and need to become great ambassadors for the business. If you go in one of their stores you’ll find some bikes and then you’ll find hundreds and thousands of products that you can buy and wear and use that are branded up with Harley Davidson. You name it, you can buy it. From human (and dog) clothing and teddy bears through to bar stools and pens and everything you can imagine in between – this company gives their clients the ability to share their passion with the world how they want. Harley Davidson also tells a story with its advertising and with its brand. They are proud of their history and every aspect of their promotion is targeted to their Perfect Client. They are not bothered about attracting people who like to race sports bikes, they are not their target customer. They focus more on people who want an ‘experience’ like going on a road trip and cruising along the highway and enjoying the view. It’s not about speed, it’s about enjoying the journey and they totally nail it in their promotional materials.

They have fans all over the world who love them. They also of course have people who hate them… and that’s OK. When you create a business that people become passionate about then you get people on both ends of the spectrum – the lovers and the haters. And it’s OK to have people hate your business, as long as not everyone hates it! If you’ve got 1 hater and 9 lovers then you have a great mix because you have PASSION! Without it you just bumble along. With it you have a real ability to drive your business into realms of success you can probably not even imagine.

When you have passionate opposition you also have passionate brand lovers who will be loyal, supportive and be the best kind of brand ambassadors. They will sing your praises from the rooftops and promote you at every opportunity. They are your die hard supporters and we all want lots of those lovely people in our lives!

So get passionate about your business and what you offer and make sure that it comes across in what you do to get your message out. If your potential clients can’t see, quickly and easily, what there is to get excited about with your business then make sure you make the changes you need to make this happen.

Inject some passion into the world and watch your business thrive.


If you would like to understand how to profile your Perfect Client or understand your brand offering and how to inject more passion into it then check out some of my online workshops or book a 121 Session where we can work on YOUR business and get things working as you want.