Individual Stats_google+-05

Here are some interesting Google+ statistics and facts:

•    Google+ has over 359 million active users across 31 markets which puts Google+ ahead of Twitter’s 200 million active users.
•    100 million new users have recently joined Google+ in 2013.
•    62% of Google+ users are males, 38% are females
•    33 percent of users of Google+ come from the US
•    73% of the users speak English
•    More than 70% of the top brands across industries are active on Google+ including companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Cognizant, IBM and more.
•    It is the second most popular social network website after Facebook
•    Google+ users on an average spend around 12 minutes on the platform
•    60 percent users of Google+ use it daily.
•    The owner of Facebook, Mark Zukerberg is also on Google+
•    With a Google+ account you can enjoy unlimited photo storage.
•    Through Google+ Hangout you can use Google Translate to make multi-language communication with people across the globe.

So, there is definitely a lot going on this platform. This ever-growing social networking site truly offers businesses tons of opportunities to interact and communicate with regular and potential customers.