Productivity Tribe

Online workshops, printed planners, live zoom calls, accountability and so much more…

You’re busy. You’re spinning many plates. You’re trying to find the elusive work/life balance. You want to feel like you’re more in control of your time. You want to feel more productive. You want to feel less overwhelm, less stress, less pressure. We’re here to help!

Productivity Tribe is here to support you in understanding what works best for you and helping you with accountability and managing your to do list and your time. You’ll get access to lots of productivity tools, printable worksheets and resources. You’ll get LOADS of support in our awesome Facebook group. You can order our specially designed printed 12 week planners. You’ll get weekly Zoom calls to help keep you on track and feeling less like you’re facing all this stuff on your own.

What are you waiting for?

A quick overview...

Support and accountability, but also so much more…

Facebook Group

This is where most of the action happens. Where you’ll be able to chat with your fellow Tribe members, get the support and accountability you want and share your excitements and challenges along the way.

Printed Planners

Specially designed workbooks, are available for you to order as you need them; perfect to dip into when you want even more of a nudge to keep you on track with your tasks and to help you focus on the important stuff.

Group Calls

We  connect on regular group calls using Zoom. At the end of every month we get together to work through specific reviewing and planning worksheets, designed to help us focus on what’s important.

5 Day Blasts

Each month we have a ‘Blast’, which is 5 days of super productivity, including hourly accountability. These are awesome to give a monthly boost for specific activities or projects you want to smash.

Monthly Topics

Each month we’ll be focusing on a different productivity skillset. Trying out different techniques and creating new habits that will help you find your productivity sweet spot. More on this below….


Oodles of accountability opportunities with the daily check-ins, bi-weekly ‘kick ass’ nudges, video calls and extra focused Blast days. This is often the simple element missing when it comes to getting stuff done.

Support & Community

Something missing for so many is a space where you feel part of something, heard and valued. We’re here to lift your spirits when you’re down, celebrate your successes when you’re flying high and everything in between.


Tune in to our workshops, covering specific subjects to help you with your business strategy, marketing and more.  Watch at your leisure and chat with the other members to really get to grips with each subject.

Tell me more...

Upcoming workshops…

A 2 hour workshop exploring ideal clients; why they’re important, who yours are, how you help them, where you can find them and how to market to them. 

A 2 hour workshop exploring what products you offer to whom, how you get your clients from not knowing you to being your best customers (incl what those customers actually look like) and how you want your business structure to work best for you.

A 2 hour live workshop exploring your social media plan; which network is right for you and how can you make the most of your time, energy and money to create and implement a straightforward, consistent, content plan.

Live Zoom calls together 

At the end of the month we use the purpose-designed review and plan worksheets that are inside the Tribe planners to get better insight into how our weeks have gone both emotionally and financially. We then share some of our key lessons and insights – they’re always really interesting calls.

If you’re looking for networking and support, well baby you’ve got it! 😉

Did you say printed 12 week planners!?

Yes indeedy! Some of the members live in them and others just dip in for some of the key pages we use on the calls or blasts. They are designed especially for the Productivity Tribe and include; weekly planning/tracking, 12 week goal setting and reviewing, monthly reviews, monthly goal setting, Blast worksheets, group call logs, a scheduling tracker – and not forgetting the mandalas that you can colour in too! These are only available to Tribe members – just order as you need them. 

What on earth is a 5 day Blast?

These are dedicated periods of time where we focus on oodles of accountability. Every third week of the month we run a 5 day Blast. This is when accountability hots up in the group with hourly accountability reminders. You can use your ‘Blast It’ day pages in your printed workbooks to maximise your time on these days too – they have been designed especially for this purpose with 15 minute task blocks.  These are fantastic when you’ve got a specific project you want to work on or if you’ve got tons on your plate and you simply want to get stuff done and then bask in the glory of your achievement afterwards (possibly with a glass of wine in hand!?) 😉

Don't Just take it from me...

Being part of the Tribe has made me think more about my work, my goals and the best thing… making myself accountable for tasks daily. The support is fab. Sophie has really outdone herself with this group. Even on days where I feel like curling up under a duvet, I get pulled in to make myself accountable for something. Thank you Sophie for your amazing vision and support.
Linda Thursby

Barn Therapy

When it comes to getting organised, planning your way ahead to achieve your ultimate goal there is no better place or company to be in that Sophie Jewry’s Productivity tribe. My life has altered in ways I could not imagine since being part of this supportive buzzing group – I really want to keep it a secret as it’s so damned good.
Sky Carver

I have been looking for a safe and private community to help me nail getting things done personally and in my own business. The Productivity Tribe is helping me do just that. The first month has brought up many blocks and resistance to my own success and while working through such I feel supported and safe with the private community group. It feels isolating at times but the prompts, accountability check-ins and mini blasts really help and reading others’ efforts, trials and successes keeps the vibe strong. I know this is the best thing I’ve done so far for myself and for my business and am looking forward to seeing how far we can take this in the next few months!
Jenni Tribe

I thoroughly enjoying being a part of the Productivity Tribe, I find the balance of monthly topics, two Zoom calls per month, and the supportive and active nature of the Facebook group, to be a huge help to my work and also my general sense of being. Thanks Sophie x
Paul Barker

A really great group of like-minded people all working towards common goals, even though we have completely different backgrounds, businesses and interests. A splendid place to get more information and support and to really get to grips with a planning process that helps in so many different ways.
Many Allen

Would I recommend the tribe? I do daily to anyone who just knows they could do a little bit more, or who struggles to know how to fit in life around what they already have on. The tribe brings you unlimited access to a group of people who don’t judge and although they are all there for completely different reasons. Some for health, some for work/life balance and some just want accountability. The freebies are awesome but the planners and friendships are actually priceless. Join; you won’t know until you try.
Hannah Stenning

I just love being part of a community where nobody is judged, but instead offered advice and support whenever it is needed. No pressure, no gimmicks, just great advice and support as and when it is needed. I’m in it for as long as they will have me.
Paul Macro

I joined the Productivity Tribe a few months ago when I realised that I would need a team around me to help with accountability, support and networking. I’ve been really blown away with the service. Great focused planners delivered every 12 weeks which help keep me on track and moving forward. Lots of skilled professionals who are quick to support and advise. When you work alone it’s great to have someone to bounce ideas off! Really pleased I joined – definitely a worthwhile investment.
Annamarie Dack

Who the Productivity Tribe is for...

What Productivity Tribe isn’t…

Productivity Tribe is not about adding a shed load of stuff to your to do list. The subjects we focus on are skills or tools you can use to manage your list, your time and your energy, and hopefully make all of them work better for you. The workshops and additional goodies are all bonus items for when you have the time or inclination to use them.

It’s not about being testosterone fuelled, arrogant and a ‘know it all’ – every human on the planet is figuring out their shizzle as they go and we are no different. We learn as much from our mistakes as we do our successes and we’re there for both.

It’s not about being a freak of nature productivity machine. We’re all motivated for some things and not for others and everyone is different, so much as one person may be smashing their work tasks, they might also be stationery with their home jobs. That’s just one example. We all juggle many plates and no one is doing brilliantly in every aspect of their work and lives. We’re here to keep your feet on the ground and remind you that we’re not superhuman and it’s OK to be a work in progress in many areas. Also that there are ways we can help improve on our weakest areas…IF we want to.

Its’s not about me, me, me. We’re a team and as much as we’re there to support you when you need it, the best way to truly feel part of a community and get the most from anything you do is to be part of it. To give as well as receive; share your attention, your kindness and your expertise and we will do the same for you. Together we can make each other stronger.

What Productivity Tribe is…

Productivity Tribe is a place where you can be yourself and share what is happening for you. We’ve got your back and only when we open up and share what we’re striving for and what we’re struggling with can we truly find new ways to get through to the other side.

It’s a place where you can learn skills that will help you for the rest of your life. A bold statement, but none-the-less true. The basic tenets of effective productivity and time management are quite simple, but the stark truth is that we just don’t do them! Sometimes we just need a reminder, sometimes we just don’t know a little trick that we can deploy to make our lives easier. Once you know this stuff you can apply it in all sorts of ways, forever.

It’s a place to find positivity. There is a well known phrase that “you’re the average of the five people spend the most time with” and there’s a great deal of people who struggle to really find people who understand what they’re dealing with and who are there to support and lift them up. This can be because of difficult situations, but also just because of different experiences and understanding. I like to keep a positive and proactive ship, so whilst we will console when needed, we’ll also be wanting to help find solutions and keep your spirits up.

It’s a space to get what works for you. Though many members are self employed, we do have a mix of employed and ‘at liberty’ members too, so there’s always a great pool of knowledge to draw from. We all get different things from the Productivity Tribe; some use it for keeping organised, some for accountability, some for the support, some for the knowledge, some for the printed goodies… some for all of the above. There is no right or wrong and there is no pressure to use every single resource you have available to you. The key is to use what works and not worry about the rest. You do you, we’ll do us and together we’ll make great stuff happen.

If this sounds like the kind of place you want to be...

Why Sophie?

I am Sophie Jewry, your Productivity Tribe hostess (with the mostess). I started my first business when I was 21 and have been self employed ever since. My design and print business launched in 2003 and continues to serve small and medium sized businesses today; helping them promote their products and services through digital graphics and printed marketing and promotional materials. In 2011 I qualified as an NLP Practitioner and over the years have done a considerable amount of self development work for me and my business. I have dabbled in online directories in both local (eating out in Norfolk) and national (Holistic Directory for the UK) and volunteered to help with charity marketing work too. I’ve a couple of awards under my belt with Future 50 Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 and the Enterprise Nation Top 50 Business Advisers in the UK in 2014.

In 2015 I designed and published my first diary planner… it turned out more people wanted one than I anticipated and now I have sold thousands to people all across the globe. I also now offer a creation package, working with clients to design and publish their own bespoke planners and journals. After working, eating and sleeping planners and productivity for a few years, I launched a Facebook group (Ladies That Plan) to help give my clients a way to connect with each other and chat around our time management ideas and how to use the planners. This has developed over the last few years and I have run workshops and done 121 coaching around branding, marketing and productivity too.

I knew there was a space for bringing this all together to offer more support for my customers, tapping into the expertise that I have gained through both my own and my clients experiences over the last 15+ years as a business owner and marketer. So the Productivity Tribe was born. This is where I share my knowledge and experiences and give accountability and support; all things that I see so often coming up for people of all backgrounds and situations. I strive to create a positive, fun, supportive and authentic space for people to be themselves, learn some cool things that will help them create a more empowering, exciting and enjoyable work and home life.

How much does it cost?

All this for just £15!

Yep, you read that right. So much value for a fantastically reasonable monthly fee.

Even better, there are no tie ins, you can cancel your subscription at any time, just give 7 days notice before your before your next payment is due. It’s easily the best value service that I have to offer.

This is a monthly subscription and the card you use when you join will be automatically charged £15 each month on the same date that you joined. The payments are fully secure and taken via Paypal or Infusionsoft Payments. For more FAQs see below. 

Shut the font door!

Focus of the Month

Some of the subjects that we’ve covered and you can find worksheets and information on in the Tribe include: 


A classic for December/January time. Setting goals for the year ahead and planning for the next year.


Getting on top of our tasks and to do lists. Honing the skill of breaking big tasks down into smaller ones, prioritising them and doing the work.


It’s something we all struggle with at different times and there are so may different ways that you can prioritise the way your to do list looks to make it easier to work through and create less resistance and procrastination.


Identifying ones we already do or have in place and working out how we can deploy more of this into our schedule to make our efforts more effective and enjoyable.


Boundaries is such an important one. We’ll explore what boundaries we already have, what ones we want to put in place and ways that we can support ourselves in holding firm with them. 


Both really important to feel happy, avoid overwhelm, be productive and everything else. Explore mindset tips and tricks to shift our moods and help us feel empowered and confident. Also look at how our environment and other outside factors affect us and how we can set ourselves up for success with both of these things.


It’s very easy to drift through our days and weeks without looking inside at what we really want and how we feel. Get a better insight into yourself so you can be better placed to work out what you want to get from the rest of your year (and beyond).


What and who motivates us and how can we remind ourselves of these things, so when we’re feeling down or the world is against us we have our tools available to us to ensure that we can dust ourselves off, keep calm and carry on. We look at the people, resources, apps, colleagues, coaches etc that can help us be happy and productive.


Increasingly I feel that a lot of goal setting goes against the grain and so I’m exploring ways that we can do this and also set up the way we work, and what we work on, to be as ‘in flow’ for what we want as we can. With a focus on happiness and contentment. With increasing mental health problems I think that shifting our focus into a more flow state can only be a positive thing. We figure out what that looks like for us and how we can go about making it happen.


We are all too aware that life has a tendency to throw curveballs at us. For some it’s an ongoing struggle for others it’s an unexpected sideswipe that knocks you over. Some of these things we have a some control over, some we don’t but we can explore how we process and deal with them. Explore what outside things, situations and people affects you in what ways and what you can put in place to better deal with them and be able to continue to strive towards the things that you want to be focusing on.


End of year reviews are a fabulous way of putting the year to bed. There will have been wins and likely some challenges along the way and there are powerful lessons to be learned from each, that can help us create more positive years to come. Once the review is done, we are then better prepared to set some new year goals and wishes and to help us close of the year and be ready to embrace the next one.


Goal setting | Time management | social media ideas | Prioritising | Deep work & focus | Self care | Accountability | Journalling | Batching | Reviewing | Relationships

Plus some bonus planning printables and other goodies for good measure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it just for gals?
Nope, all are welcome, but if you’re looking for a testosterone-fueled space, this won’t be for you. If you’re looking for more practical, supportive energy in your life the we might just be a good fit 😉 If you’re not sure, get in touch at
Can I get a refund?
We don’t do refunds for this but you can cancel your subscription at any time. So, the best thing to do is to make a note of when your subscription came out and be sure to notify us a week before that date to let us know that you would like to cancel your subscription.
Will my membership fee change?
The price that you pay when you sign up will be the price that you pay going forward. The only time this would change would be if you decided to cancel your subscription and then re-join at a later date. At that point you would pay the amount that the membership is at the time of the new sign-up.
Do I need to have a business to be a member?
No, not at all. Many of the people I work with are self employed but this group is focused around accountability and support so it doesn’t matter whether you’re employed, self employed or free as a bird, this membership will be helping you stay accountable to your goals, become more effective with your time and learn more productivity skills. Whether you want to focus on your work, your life, your health or something else the choice is absolutely yours and we’ll be there to hold your hand along the way 🙂
Will I be adding lots to my to do list?
Nope! The idea behind this membership is that we will be focusing on a different productivity skill each month, which won’t be learning something new but will be implementing things that will help you be more effective with your time. For example, one month we will be time tracking and another we will be working on focusing on one task at a time. Simple stuff but very easily not done by most people. This is not about adding to your list, it’s about getting the things on your list done better and helping you achieve the goals where you need the extra push and accountability to keep going with 🙂

What are you waiting for?