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Interviewer:     Okay, a lot of people do marketing and they go straight for the kill, they try and sell right away.  What would your best tips be for using marketing in a way where you can start to build relationship?

Interviewee:     In terms of building relationship I think well, if you’re looking to get to the point quickly and this is probably one of the biggest issues is a lot of people tend to, they use marketing as a way of creating the message and getting some sort of interaction individual.  What they don’t do is, they don’t send out their offer, they don’t tell their customer or potential customer what they’re going to get and they don’t give them really enough reasons why to buy it and I guess the last thing which is a big killer which everyone in sales knows is also about asking for the business.  Famously in advertising and salesmanship in print, that’s an expression little bit gender specific and outdated nowadays but if you use the same philosophy what we’re really looking to do, we’re looking to sell and one of the things that a lot of people tend to forget with adverts and various forms of marketing is they, they try to attract people, they’re trying to wave the flag and get them to come over but when they walk over you’re not really quite sure what it is you’re supposed to be doing so certainly online typically you know, if you’re using things like that, squeeze pages, ways of bringing people in and giving them a very specific, clear impression of what your offer is, why you’re offering it to them, why it’s relevant to them you know asking all those sort of key buying criteria and then giving them the bottom line offer which is saying this is what it is, this is what you’re going to get and you know, here’s the price and telling them what to do next, I think that’s a big thing.  The golden rule in marketing is, you know, tell the reader, tell the viewer or the listener what they’re supposed to do next.

Interviewer:     Thank you.