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Interviewer:     So, there seems to be loads and loads of people offering social media management services now so they’ll take on your social media for you.  How would you spot a scammer from a saint?

Interviewee:     That’s a good one, yes you are right there are lots and lots of people out there that because they’ve learnt their way around Facebook and Twitter and they’re familiar with it and they enjoy it, I mean let’s face it the fact that you know people they obviously have great fun, I could probably be making a business out of it, I could make money from it, I think really a couple things is having some structure to what they do on social media is very important, understanding what you’re supposed to be posting and distributing where and when and to who.  Social media is not just something to be a blah blah blah channel it really is about trying to find the right places to put the right messages to and I think most cases it’s very, very simple for someone to pick up some basic skills around Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn.  The question is, is there a plan, is there a structure to it?  And if you don’t see any kind of plan or structure to it, I mean if somebody is being approached by an individual offering those services I think the first question I would say to them is “okay, come back to me and give me some sort of at least even just an outline frame plan of how would you use different platforms and how we’re going to approach those in terms of different marketplaces?”  That should be a very good indication if they can answer that question you know, thoroughly with some clarity then I think you’ve got a, you’re on to a winner probably at that point.

Interviewer:     Thank you.