Web Domains and Hosting

In today’s digital age, in order to look professional in your business, you need a domain name that matches, or is complementary to your business. For just £3 per year it’s seems crazy tome to be using aol, yahoo etc email addresses when you can set up a forwarder to these accounts that matches your business name for the cost of a cup of coffee (the forwarding bit is free!). With email forwarding you can of course still use your gmail email address if you want but your customer sees a professional contact email to get in touch with you.

I tend to use 123-Reg for registering my domains, I find the process easy and fast and they’re accessible for support by email AND over the phone. Of course you can bolt-on email accounts, web hosting etc too (I use another provider for my hosting but that’s because I run quite a few websites). If you’re in business get a domain name. If you’re starting up, aside from checking Companies House for duplicates, you want to check that you can get a domain name that fits with your business name or service.

Check for your own domain availability