Accounting is quite often the bane of a business person’s working week but it is also an essential part of running a successful business. If you’re not on top of your figures then you may be missing vital information that could make or break your business. I’ve used Sage over the years, still do in my Holistic Directory business, but recently I moved across to online accounting and for media8 this has been a real help in keeping up to date with invoicing and general book keeping as I can access it anywhere there’s an internet connection, from any machine. You can automate a lot of the processes and it have lots of great tools and reports you can play with for hours.

There are many other online accounting systems to choose from including:

Kashflow  is my current accountancy product of choice.

You may also want to look at   FreshBooks (good for time-based invoicing eg. designers, copywriters etc and also integrates with Kashflow, Basecamp and other online solutions).

Also check out QuickBooks (which also integrates with lots of websites incl BatchBook and Basecamp).

Also Xero which has an automatic bank statment import option.

Not forgetting good old Sage which I used for 10 years and stood me in good stead – I still think it’s a great programme.