Every new year you see a sea of ‘New Year New You’ style promotions and there’s a good reason for it. When the first of January comes round you can’t help but wonder where the last 12 months have gone, take a look at what you did during that time and, the dreaded, what you said you were going to do but didn’t, for whatever reason.

So, here is your opportunity to take a good look at your business and assess some key areas in it:

1) Are you happy with your current branding?

Is your message coming across correctly to your Ideal Clients and is it bringing them to your door and getting them buying?
Are you being consistent with all your promotional materials; are the colours and fonts the same across the board?
Are you seeing a positive growth in people’s awareness of your business as the ‘go to’ place for your area of expertise?
Are your brand values and brand promise clearly identifiable in your marketing materials?

2) Are you happy with your work/life balance?

Are you making time for some ‘me time’ every week?
Are you making time for the other important things including family and friends?
Are you getting enough sleep?
Are you getting enough fresh air and exercise?
Are you giving your body the nutrition it needs to be the best it can be?

3) Is your business working for you?

Is your turnover where you want it to be?
Is your profit giving you what you need to pay the bills and provide you with some of your life goals, including holidays and treats for you and your loved ones?
Are you delegating in the right places and building a team to help you cover all the bases and grow your business sustainably?
Do you have a way of generating a passive income to help boost your profits?

There are of course LOTS more questions I could ask but these are some really good ones to start with and if your answer to any of these is ‘hmmm, sort of’ or ‘no’ then NOW is the time to take action and get some ideas down on paper for the following:

What needs to change for the answer to be YES?
What in my business needs to stay, what needs to go or needs to change?.
What in my personal life needs to stay, needs to go or needs to change?
What new things do I want to create in my life and work this year?

By simply looking at these questions you will get some lightbulb moments that will help you shape 2015 to be a year that will really make a difference to you.

You’ll find that a lot of what I will be talking about this year will be creating a business that truly works for you in creating the life that you want. Don’t get me wrong, creating a successful business takes work, effort and dedication but it doesn’t have to be all hard work and most definitely can be a lot of fun. But if you do not have a vision of where you want to get to and at least a rough plan of how you’re going to get there then it’s going to be a lot harder for you than it needs to be.

Let’s get planning and make this YOUR year for success!


Remember, I love to know how this might have helped you and all the good stuff happens when you get talking about your lightbulb moments so do join in the conversation and share your thoughts below…


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