Wow! What a whirlwind the last 15 hours have been… well, the last few weeks really but culminating in a rush of emotions and activity in the last 24 hours.

What have I been doing? Launching a Kickstarter.

You may or may not have heard about Kickstarter before and to give you a nutshell description below but the main thing I wanted to share with you is an insight into what goes into launching something like this.

Maybe you’ve been there already, maybe you’re thinking about going for it – either way, hopefully my journey will resonate with you and you’ll find it useful for your own business.

I’m going to be blogging quite regularly over the next 29 days to update you with progress and give you more insight into the activities that are happening including how I’m feeling, marketing stuff and lots more.

Yesterday I got the USB with the video we’ve made for the Kickstarter – the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle to be able to set the Kickstarter live.

It’s been a big build up with planning, photoshoots, video editing etc and suddenly the moment had arrived – last night at midnight I checked over the web page for the final time and I was feeling a huge amount of different emotions

You know that feeling you get when you’ve been queuing for that new, big, scary roller coaster for an hour and you finally get moved forward into your seat? The anxiety kicks in and the butterflies are having a party in your tummy. The security frame clicks into place and you realise that there’s no going back now – the only way off the roller coaster is to get through the ride and get off the other end. And you wonder, what on earth am I doing!?

Why am I putting myself through this stress when there are far less pressure ways of doing it?

Then I clicked the ‘Submit for Review’ button on the Kickstarter control panel.

I thought it was going to be 2-3 days before I got confirmation it was officially live (it says on the button ‘allow 2-3 business days’). Turns out this is not the case.

After I clicked the button and confirmed I wanted it to go live, up popped a big box saying “Congratulations! Your project is now live – go tell your friends!”


Suddenly the reality hit home that the ‘oh I’ll have 30 busy days when it launches’ moment had finally arrived. And it is midnight on a Sunday night!

I was buzzing – literally. Adrenaline rush kicked in and I felt about to burst with energy/excitement/fear all wrapped up together.

Then the reality of having just 30 days hit home and I thought. “Oh my word, what on earth was I thinking!?” LOL I knew that I had just set myself up for an intense period of time and that the clock was now officially ticking.

Excuses and procrastination are no longer an option. It’s an all-in opportunity and it’s all about being in major hustle mode for the next 4 weeks.

What has this ‘birthing’ of this project made me realise so far?

You need your friends
I can’t imagine being able to have done this without the moral support of friends to brainstorm with, to generally just talk things through with and very importantly to help me spread the word (the response to help me share the Kickstarter today has been heart-openingly, tear-jerckingly, humbling and wonderful!).

Time really does make a difference
This is not the first time I’ve launched a product or designed something and I realise that every launch, every lesson, every experience helps me make better choices about how I do the next thing. I know that without the contacts and foundations I’ve worked on over the last 14 years in business and 2 years with the Ultimate Diary Planner I wouldn’t have been able to launch as effectively as this has been so far. I just didn’t have the knowledge to do the things I’ve needed to do for it and I’m very grateful for all of it. I also am very aware that this whole experience will help me and my clients in the future.

Did I plan this? Yes, massively!
Am I scared? Yes, absolutely!
Do I expect the unexpected? Absolutely
Would I have it any other way? No – where’s the fun in that ; )

I wonder if you have any projects you’ve been wanting to launch for a while?

One thing I have realised over the years is that I’m never really ready for a launch. I can only prepare myself and then hurl myself at it with vigour and see what happens.

If you’re letting fear hold you back from trying something then maybe now is the time to get some plans in place and then jump in with both feet. You never know where it may lead you…

Love, Sophie


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