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Interviewer:             Okay, it’s a tough one to answer, but really, really quickly, three things, the three main things building a brand from scratch.  What are the three things you focus on?

Sophie:      Okay, lots of people think that a brand is your logo and your business cards and how it all looks but actually it’s a lot more than that, it’s more about the story of the business and the promise that it’s giving to its clients so in order to build a really strong brand you need to get the layers going right.  The first thing you need to start with is identifying who your ideal client is, your target market that you’re aiming at because you need to know who they are to be able to develop the brand that they’re going to find attractive because there are very different brands that are out there. Once you’ve decided who they are you can then effectively design your logo and your business branding and leaflets and literature and all that sort of stuff to go with that.  So, it all kind of ties around that really because when you know who they are you can then deliver in terms of style, your logos, your colours and everything about your brand and the persona and the promises that you’re going to give are they going be things that they want to have.  So, figure out who you’re working, who you’re aiming at, what they’re going to be looking for, give them that in your branding and your design and then follow that through with all the other marketing things that you do following on from there but definitely start with the end in mind of who you’re aiming at that’s going to be one of my top tips for designing a brand from scratch in a nutshell.

Interviewer:     Thanks.