So… Webinars… Many of us know that we should be doing them, but where do you even begin with getting one set up?

Thankfully there are more options appearing for cost effective webinars that can help give your business a boost and offer your customers loads of extra value by connecting with you.

What are the options available to you?

Needless to say that there are LOADS to choose from. I have used and/or been recommended the following services:

GoToWebinar   |   AnyMeeting (which has a free option – great for those just getting started)   |   StealthSeminar

I also got this great video in my inbox recently about creating a webinar style set up using Google Hangouts:

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If you’re looking at using webinars for training then you might also want to consider GoToTraining

Good luck! Remember, if you need any help all you have to do is get in touch