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Nial:     Sophie, one of the things that comes up a lot in conversations is this issue about being really specific about the target audience that you go for.  Now obviously I’m very familiar with your business model and in particular you work predominantly with women in business.  Some people might suggest, doesn’t that kind of half the potential market place?

Sophie:      Very good question and I think it’s a question that a lot of people and I’d probably hazard a guess that maybe even 90% of people that are out in  business at the moment struggle with and ask and I think that I found the same, I think I found the same a few years ago but then I realised “dah, I saw the light” that actually when you choose a target market you identify who your ideal client is, what it actually gives you is power to be able to market much more effectively because if you are trying to please everybody as everyone knows, you can’t, you just can’t do it.  So the only way to be able to please the people that you actually want to connect with and really get them, you know build your brand to a point where people love you to get real brand ambassadors shouting about your business is to really speak directly to them and the only way you’re going to be able to do that and to be a real expert at what you do for those people is to identify one group of people that you really want to work with every day and that you love to work with and actually instead of restricting, it gives you, it frees you to do that.

Nial:     Kind of degree of focus.

Sophie:      And a degree a focus because all of your marketing can be directed to that like so, if using women as an example I know that my, one of my, if I was to identify one person I wanted to work with which is a really good thing to do then I know that she’s a mother and she’s in her 40s and she’s got her business so I know that actually everything that I talk about if I’m talking to her then people who are like her will resonate with that and they will want to work with me so therefore I get to work with all these people that I really want to work with all the time so, and it works and for people who say that it doesn’t work I think there’s a lot of fear associated with that so target market, finding your ideal client it really does work and it’s worth doing it if you’re not doing it already.

Nial:     And you said as well that there’s plenty of them there, it’s not exactly a scarce market.

Sophie:      There’s a big pond out there and you just got to choose the fish that you want to find.