Well, most of the Halloween work I’ve done this year was finished and off to print a couple of months ago but there’s still time to give your brand a bit of a boost before the Christmas season kicks in with full force and you can certainly have a bit of fun when it comes to Halloween.

Remember that your brand is about the emotional response that your clients get when they come into contact with any part of your business, from an advert to a session with you so what can you do that fits with your brand?

Some ideas for the 31st October:

  • Give away some spooky sweets to all clients. If you’re big on healthy eating perhaps some fun, healthy snacks could be the way forward (Find some ideas here: http://www.pinterest.com/holisticdirect/healthy-halloween-treats/ )
  • Branded halloween cupcakes or treats (lots of cake makers offer this service)
  • A special offer for one day only (i.e. book your next session today and get… or a range of special treatments for that day)
  • Free sample/product/gift to each client (with a halloween themed wrapping)
  • A Samhain gift

Want some fun in the office?

  • Have a themed dress code for the day
  • Decorate the office
  • Have a party – small or large a time to mingle with clients and show them your products over a glass of something sparkly and it’s a great time for some early Christmas present sales!

Think outside the box and have some fun this Halloween and why not let me know below what you have planned and what works well for you?