Ready to add some rocket fuel to your business? Come and join us!


Join us for 4 weeks of ACTION, starting on Monday 13th November. You’ll get everything outlined below – one of the most rewarding outcomes from previous Blasts is the camaraderie of not doing it on our own. We’re in it together to create an amazing month (and lay the foundations for may great months to come). You’ll get help with everything from working out what your goal could be, through to mapping out your step-by-step action plan. It’s going to be fast-paced and fun and, even better, you’ll be able to use the things you’ll map out and do during our 4 weeks together again whenever you want. If you’re in need of some serious accountability and support then this is a MUST. Note: It is predominantly run from within the Facebook group – that’s where most of the communications will be so it’s only suitable if you’re committed to joining in on there. We will get stuck in with stuff in the private Facebook Group so the sooner you join in the sooner you can start getting your plan on 🙂

PLUS these awesome bonus gifts…


Everyone signing up in November will be getting a special Sophie bonus of the Ultimate Social Media Planner. I know social media planning will be coming up for many people during the Blast and this is going to make it easier for you to get on top of it. One of my most popular workshops and RRP £77 this is a mega bonus.


Buy before 31st October and grab yourself an extra special bonus, one close to my heart; the Springboard to Success package. Also rrp £57 (worth so much more) you get over 7 hours of great value content from 9 speakers (pitch free!), recorded at our awesome day in London in May this year. Video, MP3 and powerpoint slides all included. You’ll love it!

Ready to add some rocket fuel to your business? Come and join us!

What Do You Get?

4 Week BLAST OR 4 Week BLAST + 1 Day Planning Day on Monday 6th November

Oodles of support and motivation in the private Facebook group

40 page printed Action Book to help you plan and implement the BLAST (posted to UK / digital to other countries)

Worksheets and other digital resources

Total cost £188 or £235 (incl VAT) Choose the payment option which suits you below; 1 up front or split over 6 weekly payments from just £31.33 per week!

Blast Payment Options
Blast Payment Options

What have others said? 

Long Term Effects

I went into the blast with a financial target – which I achieved just over 50% of. However, I took much more away from it. The blast made me really consider what I could do in my business to boost my sales – this change of mindset was key. I got to grips with my marketing, went live for the first time and really explored my business. I realised that I needed to change many of the way I was working and I have improved so much that the effects of the blast will have much far reaching benefits. The group was friendly, supportive but also keep me accountable and motivated. It was a great experience.


Kick Start

The Blast gave me the kick start I needed to get my business on track and during the time of the blast I did a lot of marketing, created some new opportunities, and began networking. I found the support of the group really helpful and know that I will stay in touch with the group members. A worthwhile experience.


Smashed It!

I smashed my financial target out of sight, in fact during the blast I increased it twice and hit again and again. Clearly, on that basis for me it was fantastic, but in reality its the non financial bits that gave me more pleasure, some amazing realtionships built during and carried on since. I have had a lot of additional turnover since the blast ended, which has been as a direct result of the people I met during it, and these are ongoing so will continue to generate. I have already asked Sophie Jewry to reserve me a spot in the November blast as it was THAT good. Can’t recommended it highly enough, but for many many reasons.


What could you achieve if you really went for it?

Did you know that in 10 weeks time, when the Blast ends, there will only be 3 weeks left before the END OF 2017!!

Have you achieved what you hoped you would by now?

Are you on track to hit your financial or otherwise business targets for this year?

If not, what are you going to do about it?

Keep on doing what you’ve been doing and hope things take a turn for the better…. or take action to change your course and blast through those targets of yours.

You know that you are either growing or shrinking – there is no standing still. If you’re not pushing your business forward then you are allowing it to fall back.

What do you want to make happen before the year ends?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some big goals and despite perhaps feeling daunted at time to take them on or to take action, I know that it needs to be done. So I appreciate the positive impact that having a positive, supportive team around you can have.

By team I don’t mean staff, I mean people who are in the same boat as you. They may have different goals but they are striving to improve and to create the business and the life that they are dreaming of and they are prepared to be proactive to do this.

We all need support – business, after all, can be lonely, exhilarating, scary, fun, stressful, interesting and so much more. Trying to deal with all of those emotions on your own, when those around you do not know how it feels can be tough… but it doesn’t have to be so.

If you have a big, scary goal you’d like to achieve…
If you want to set something up…
If you want to launch a new product or service…
If you want to sell ALL THE THINGS…
If you want to attract new clients and get them buying…
If you want to be ready for the summer holidays…

You need to be joining in the Blast.

It will give you everything you’ve been looking for:
A close-knit group for support, encouragement and so much more.
A PLAN, in your printed planning book to get everything down on paper.
A structure that WORKS to get you to your target (which you can repeat in the future).
A set piece of time for action taking so you know what you’re doing when.
Accountability to keep you on track.
A safe space to share your highs (and lows).
And so much more!

See you on the other side!
Love, Sophie

What are you going to get from this?

Support Team

We’ve got your back. Taking on a big goal on your own can be a daunting task and sometimes you just need to know you’re not alone. With our energetic team cheering you on you’ll be whizzing over that finish line in no time.


When you’re doing it on your own it’s easy to not take action and then dust it under the carpet and hope no one notices. We’ll be holding each other accountable throughout the 4 weeks so that we hit our goals and can celebrate our successes together.


I know that amazing things are possible in 4 short weeks, when you apply yourself. We’re going to be setting some big goals together and I’ll be on hand with support, tools, resources and bundles of energy to motivate you every step of the way to success.

What will we be doing together?

Goal Setting

We’re going to start the process with a BIG kick-ass goal that you want to achieve in April. It could be £1k income, 500 more people on your list, your first 100 people in your new Facebook group, selling 100 tickets to an event – whatever fits you.


Once your goal is set it’s time to ‘get your plan on’. We’ll work out, together, the steps you’ll need to take to hit that goal and create a day-by-day plan to get you there during our 4 weeks together.


YES! We will be taking mucho action during these 4 weeks. This is your time to shine. Ditch the excuses and make some awesome stuff happen. Action will get you where you want to go and we’ll all be in the same boat together.

Facebook Group

Most of this will be run from our private Facebook Group. A space where we will be sharing our goals, plans, action steps, struggles, successes, ideas and everything else about the adventure we’ll be on together. This is our lifeline, resource centre and so much more!


Nothing beats having a group of people to help you see things from a different perspective. Something not working? We’ll get our heads together and see if we can solve it. Team work makes the dream work and we’re all a team for these 4 weeks.


We’ll be sharing our journeys in the group so we can learn from each other every step of the way. There will be times when you’ll not feel like taking action and times when you’re on top of the world. By sharing we can keep us all on track, whatever the terrain.


Regular testing and measuring is the best way to get you to your goal. Every week we’ll be looking at what we’ve done and assessing whether we need to tweak our plan or ramp it up. Implementation and results will be our focus and our path to success.


We’ll be celebrating successes large and small. There will be some comfort zone pushing and some ‘firsts’ for most people – these are all things to be proud of and I’m looking forward to seeing you achieve some great stuff throughout the month.

What else do you get?


There will be somethings that you may find useful that other people in the group are using to hit their goals that we can share between us. For example, among other things, I will be giving you some goal setting resources and a ‘profit tracker’ spreadsheet.


The people in the group already are very varied and you’ll be able to tap into not only my head for info but also the rest of the group. Why would you take the scenic route when you can use experience to get you where you want to go faster?


Don’t worry, I’ll be there every day, in the Facebook group, with little nudges to keep you focused on getting your daily action done. You’re own little cheerleader holding you accountable and ensuring you achieve what you set out to.

Ready to add some rocket fuel to your business? Come and join us!

Blast Payment Options
Blast Payment Options


What goal should I set?
Don’t worry too much – we can work on this together. Ultimately it will be about choosing what’s right for your business. It should be slightly scary (comfort zone pushing is all good!) but also achievable and every business and business owner is different. To give you some ideas you might choose something such as:


  • Turnover or profit target e.g. £1,000 / £2,000 / £5,000 / £10,000
  • List building target e.g. Increase my list by 100 / 500 / 1000 people
  • Sell tickets to my event e.g. 10 / 50 / 100
  • Social media target e.g. post daily for 4 weeks / 4 FB Live videos
  • Launch target e.g. map out, sell and launch a product/service

Whatever the goal, we will work out how we can measure it and know when you’ve achieved it. Then we’ll plan out a map for you to get from the starting point to the finish line in the most time and cost effective way possible.

Is this just for the girls or can gents join in too?
This is completely open to guys and gals. We already have both signed up and ready to rock!
I'm not in the UK, can I still join in?
Of course! Our time together will be spent in the Facebook group and time is only a barrier if you make it. Any live calls or other excitements will be done at varied times to include as many people as possible. Also you’ll be able to access the group at times that suit you and catch up on anything that’s been happening while you’re away from the computer.
When does it start?

This will kick off Monday 13th November 2017 and we will have 4 solid weeks of action. If you join before then you will get access to the Facebook group straight away where you can start to get to know your fellow Blasters and start working on your 4 week plan. The sooner you can get in there the sooner you’ll be prepared for your 4 weeks of fun! 🙂

I want to join in the planning day but can't get to Norwich?

Sorry, the planning day is not part of the main package, instead it’s a bonus day for those who are able to make it and is charged at an additional cost of £47 (incl vat) per person. It will not be recorded so is a one-off, in-person event. Don’t worry though, I will be doing a video in the group to help you get to grips with your goal setting and be on hand throughout the Blast to help you make the absolute most out of it  🙂

Got another question?
If you’ve got another question, please get in touch at and I’ll do my best to help.
Why are the prices different on the order forms?
The prices on the order forms are show excluding VAT until you input your shipping details, at which point the form will update to show you the 20% VAT applied. The figures shown on this page are inclusive of VAT at 20% and you will be emailed a VAT invoice for your records.