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Interviewer:     So then, can you tell me, do you think special offers are a good way of generating business?

Interviewee:     Yeah, I think we are all conditioned to the fact that when we see the signs, the magic signs that says sale or free or special offer there is a reason for us to focus in on it I mean obviously a lot more people have become, we are all quite immune to it and unless there’s something relevant to us and we see it as a genuine special offer you know there’s always a slight degree of curiosity matched with probably a little bit of scepticism as well. I think the main thing with the special offer is that you are looking to create something that is timely, looking to create something that’s obviously specifically relevant to their interests but what you need to do, the key thing really is to stack up the value.  The biggest mistake that most people tend to make with special offers is that they discount, they, for special offer they re-discount, they take their existing products or service, they can’t sell it, they want to try and generate more sales and they think the quickest way to generate more sales is to simply slash the price.  That’s the absolutely the very worst thing you can possibly do, you know that special offer, the key is in the phrase and that is the word special, there has to be something special about it, there has to be something different to what you’re currently doing.  So whether you’re adding more value to it in some way, whether you’re up-selling it, whether you’re giving a different option of the way they purchase it, I mean it could be their payment plan, it could be the way that they buy the product through, it can be maybe buying through instalments but you’re creating an event and really what you’re doing is you’re looking into creating an event that indicates that there is something here that’s going to be special and it’s also going to be limited you know remember scarcity is a great tool obviously you know we talked a lot about it the value of using scarcity in terms of influencing people and that also helps to improve your sales cycle, it helps to you know to accelerate the whole cycle and help you make those decisions a lot more quickly.

Interviewer:     Thank you.