OPI Instinct of Color

OPI Announces Brand’s First International Short Film. The film’s four featured lacquers – Pink-ing of You, Red My Fortune Cookie, Need Sunglasses? and No Room for the Blues – each represent one style of dance and one overarching theme, illustrating OPI nail lacquer as a means of self-expression.


2015 Coldwell Banker TV Commercial: Home’s Best Friend


These sobering facts are what served as the inspiration for the newest project fromColdwell Banker Real Estate. After more than 100 years of helping people find homes, the real estate company has extended its mission to man’s best friend with its “Homes for Dogs Project.” By partnering with Adopt-a-Pet.com, North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website, Coldwell Banker will help 20,000 adoptable dogs find loving homes this year.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate has been helping people find their home for over 108 years, but this year through a partnership with Adopt-a-Pet.com, we are going to help 20,000 dogs find home through the Coldwell Banker Homes for Dogs Project.


Ten Minutes a Day Could Change Everything


A young boy asks his dad to read to him. When he says no, what happens next spells out why everyone should take time to read together.

Read On. Get On. is a national campaign to get every child in the UK reading well by the age of 11.

At the moment far too many children are leaving primary school without this key skill – including almost four in ten of our poorest children. Our mission is to change this for good so that by 2025 all our children will start secondary school as confident readers.

Everyone can do something – just ten minutes reading a day with a child makes a huge difference and helps them fall in love with reading. It will take everyone, parents, grandparents, business, volunteers, teachers, celebrities and politicians, to crack this problem once and for all.


Bell’s Whisky: The Reader


The new Bell’s TV commercial features a father whose intrepid spirit demonstrates just what it takes to be a true Man of Character.


Guinness basketball commercial


Dedication. Loyalty. Friendship. The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character. ..  A heartwarming commercial from Guinness which portrays dedication through friends playing basketball with an amazing twist in the end.


Coca-Cola – A Generous World


No matter who you are, or whatever life throws at you, there’s always someone out there who could use a Coke a little more than you. Who would you share one with?


Clash of Clans

Liam Neeson’s ‘Clash of Clans’ Super Bowl 2015 Commercial Brings Back His ‘Taken’ Character

Liam Neeson vows to find revenge in the 2015 Super Bowl commercial for the game Clash of Clans: Revenge.

“I don’t know you, BigBuffetBoy85, but if you think you can humiliate me and take my gold, think again,” the 62-year-old actor says in the commercial.


Reebok – Freak Show


Moving onto an athletic advert that feels genuinely athletic, Reebok’s ‘Freak Show’ is a rallying cry for the gym rats, yoga nuts and marathon chatters living quietly amongst us. Over a stirring montage of men and women pushing themselves to the limits of physical exertion, the voiceover asks “Are we weirdos?”. The answer: potentially, but you’ll definitely live longer than the rest of us.

The ironic title ‘Freak Show’ is worn proudly on its sleeve, taking another step in Reebok’s gritty rebrand. Almost as bracing as actually going for a run yourself, nothing you’ll see this week will make you want to flip tires in your garden more.