Perfect for you if you want clarity and support for your specific problems or desires…

‘Get It Done’ 121 Session

If you want help getting something specific done then I’m your gal. Perhaps you want to create a strong new brand for your company, want to launch a new product or maybe design an awesome bespoke planner/journal for your business, maybe plan out your client path, figure out your goals, feel more confident in your offering, create a social media or marketing plan.

If you are looking for someone with bags full of energy, enthusiasm and hands-on support when it comes to your new idea we’re going to get on great.

You’ll probably be pleased to hear that I also enjoy getting hands-on with the implementation stuff too, so ideally we’d work on a project from start to finish and I’d be there to help you every step of the way.

Here are a few examples of things we could work on together:

  • Creating your own planner (this would be part of my planner package)
  • Social media planning
  • Automation and systems
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Email Marketing
  • Brand creation and development
  • Direct response marketing
  • Lead generation and list growth
  • Follow-up sequences
  • Advertising and marketing planning
  • Website development
  • Design and print (incl planning and ideas)
  • Brand management
  • Category of One (what makes you different)
  • Ideal Client profiling
  • and more…

I only have a limited number of sessions available so please book in a 20 minute chat to see if we’d be a good fit for each other. Here are the options that I offer for 121 work with clients:

One-off sessions are great if you’re looking for help working on a specific block, idea, challenge or project. These are done in person or via Skype, Zoom or good old fashioned phone call:

  • One Hour 121 Session: £150
  • Two Hour 121 Session: £250
  • Half day 121 Session: £500
  • Full Day 121 Session: £1,000

Or if you’re looking for more accountability and ongoing support, all the below options are based on a one or rolling 4 week duration:

Option 1 – £500
1 x skype/call/zoom for 90 mins
Once a week check-ins on Trello, email or Whatsapp

Option 2 – £275
Once a week check-ins on Trello, email or Whatsapp

Option 3 – £150
Once a month check-in on Trello, email or Whatsapp

Or, if you’ve got a big project and want a higher level of accountability I offer a limited number of the following:

Option 4 – £1,000
1 x skype/call/zoom for 90 mins in week 1
1 x skype/call/zoom for 90 mins in week 4
Daily check-ins on Trello, email and/or Whatsapp (Monday-Friday)

Option 5 – £1,250
1 x skype/call/zoom for 60 mins every week
2 x 15 min ’emergency’ calls for when you need quick fire support or encouragement
Daily check-ins on Trello, email and/or Whatsapp (Monday-Friday)

What is a check-in?

This would be a space on there where you can give me a full de-brief of your week or month (depending which option you choose) – the good the bad and the ugly, so I’m up to date with what you’re getting up to and can assist with anything you need help with. I’ll also use this time to check through the rest of the items either in Trello (free to use and great for seeing visually what’s to do / done) and answer as needed (eg feedback on promotional posts etc). I allow enough time to help with your queries as comprehensively as I can and give educated feedback where needed. You can add things any time you like and I’ll check in as arranged to review and respond in full.

The accountability options are confirmed one month at a time, though options 1-3 is more likely to be a rolling arrangement for 3 months or more.

Brand Creation | Brand Evolution | Brand Revolution

If you are wanting 121 support to totally overhaul your brand, including logo and graphic design, printing, advice, brand strategy creation and more, then head on over now to www.media8.co.uk and take a look at the brand creation packages there to see how I can help you bring your brand to life.